Product care details

Back to the old days of caring for your gear and making it last. Taking care of your belongings has slipped away in our modern society were you can buy your next new bag for a small price and simply throw your old one into landfills.

Our bags are made with high quality materials, however, they’re delicate and not indestructible. We encourage you to take care of your bag and not to scratch it over the ground or other rough surfaces. As with other materials, some stains won’t come off and we always recommend cleaning any stains directly before they dry up. 


    For small stains or a refresh we'd recommend hand washing your bag with a sponge or soft toothbrush and soapy water. If your bag needs a bigger clean, you can put it through the washing machine. Please keep in mind:

    • Empty your bag before washing
    • Wash separately and use a wash bag or pillow case
    • Wash on a gentle 30 degrees cycle with mild liquid detergent. Don't use any fabric softener
    • Mould your bag into its original shape and it will dry back into this shape and regain structure. Be sure to spread the hemp lining to avoid wrinkles as the fabric dries
    • Don't wring wet or damp bags before drying, it breaks the hemp yarn fibres down and creates unnecessary wrinkles
    • Wait until bone dry before using it again.

      Our bags will soften with age and usage, which is part of the desired effect. If a more structured tote is preferred, we'd recommend wetting and drying it to regain structure.

      Even though our bags can handle machine washing, we don’t recommend doing this too often as the metal parts can start to discolour in time.