About us

At Bare Instinct we design guilt-free handbags that contribute to a better world.

We want to connect with real women, aiming to be better, not perfect, & who are conscious of choices in style that can also contribute to a sustainable future.

We make sure that our suppliers, our materials & every part of our process respects people, animals and the planet.

Designed and made in Sydney, Australia.

Ms Jose Verbeek, founder & designer

Passionate and determined to do things better, I started Bare Instinct with the vision to change the way we produce and consume fashion.

I spent over a year researching and sourcing the latest innovative materials from all around the world before settling on washable paper, hemp and recycled plastic bottles for our flagship range.

Born for women who love fashion and respect nature. 

Our values

  • The Right choice - Trust your inner wisdom to make the right choice. For the planet, for people around you & for yourself.

  • Gratitude - Show respect & appreciation, treat others with dignity & enhance your own.

  • Break the shackles - Empower freedom, confidence & independence.

  • The real sh*t - Be truly authentic. Period.